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Acadia Property Management Services & Fees

Simple & Straightforward

Owner Fees
Commercial/Retail/Office Please inquire (5-6%)
AirBnB 20%
Management Fee 9%
Leasing Fee $295
Tenant placement only (no management) 50% of 1 month's rent
Takeover Mgmt Fee Occupied unit $250
Lease Renewal Fee (Including annual inspection prior to renewal) $195
Cancellation Fee 30-day written notice
Technology & Tax Prep Fee
Late Fees $25 goes to owner
Maintenance Reserve $350
Tenant Guarantee
Results Guarantee
Pet Guarantee
Happiness Guarantee
Tenant- Lease Renewal Fee $0
Tenant Fees
Application Fee $45
Other Tenant Fees $95 late fee
Resident Benefit Package $45
Utility Connection Services
6 month inspection $100